June 2, 2023
┬ęZavod “Moskvich”

New information has appeared on the development of the first independent models of cars of the revived Moskvich brand.

By information telegram channel “Russian Automobile”, work on the project is carried out by former employees of the Russian office of Renault, transferred to a new structure under the auspices of the Moscow government. According to the source, the staff of the developers of the new “Moskvich” employs two dozen people, including two designers.

It is planned to develop two passenger models on its own electric platform. One of them will be a compact crossover with dimensions of 4400 x 1660 x 1850 mm. The appearance of the car has already been developed and, according to the author of the message, the design is unremarkable: five doors, a sloping roof, L-shaped optics in front.

The second model should be a light commercial quadricycle with a spectacular exterior, so far referred to in internal communication as the L7 index. It is intended for the so-called logistics of the last mile – the final stage of the delivery of goods in an urban environment. The device will be single and very compact: 3660 x 1620 x 1700 mm. According to the source, the design of this electric vehicle has not yet been approved.

Already by July 1, the first mock-ups should be ready, showing the exterior, but without working out the interiors. Demonstration samples were ordered from the engineering center “Kinetics” at MISiS, supervised by the famous automotive designer Vladimir Pirozhkov, who previously worked for Citroen and many other well-known automobile companies.

Earlier, Profile reported that the financing of the project for creating your own car model “Moskvich” will depend on the stability of demand for already produced Moskvich 3 crossovers in petrol and electric versions and future Moskvich 5 models based on the Chinese liftback Sehol A5 Plus and the Moskvich 6 family crossover based on the JAC S7 model. The annual output in 2023 should be 50 thousand cars.

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