May 29, 2023
Military training

NATO military exercises (file photo)

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On May 8, military maneuvers involving 3,500 servicemen and 600 pieces of equipment will begin in Lithuania, representatives of the Lithuanian army command said. Military exercises to last two weeks, reports May 8 RIA News.

“The international military exercises Iron Wolf 2023-1 will begin in Lithuania,” the statement said.

In addition to Lithuania, another 11 member states of the North Atlantic Alliance will participate in the maneuvers: Belgium, the Czech Republic, Great Britain, the USA, Canada, Croatia, Poland, Luxembourg, the Netherlands, Norway, Portugal and Germany.

“The battle group of the advanced forces of NATO and the infantry battalion Vaidotas of the Lithuanian army will work out the correct conduct of offensive and defensive operations using the “force against force” method,” the command of the Lithuanian army said.

The Lithuanian army noted that the maneuvers are organized every year by the Lithuanian infantry brigade of the same name, and the exercises are aimed at checking the combat readiness of the units included in this unit and synchronizing standard operating procedures.

Earlier, on May 6, the leadership of Poland announced the start of military exercises with the participation of allied troops “Anaconda 23”. The Ministry of Defense of the country noted that the exercises will be held in close coordination with the American maneuvers Defender 23 and Swedish Aurora 23.

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