May 29, 2023

Military analyst, head of the Bureau of Military-Political Analysis Alexander Mikhailov suggested how much equipment the Armed Forces of Ukraine (AFU) lost during the Russian special operation. His words lead

Mikhailov estimated the losses of armaments of the Armed Forces of Ukraine and stressed that their volume is about 150-200 billion dollars. Most of the destroyed equipment is made up of stocks that have survived from the times of the USSR, including about 400 tanks, dozens of combat aircraft, thousands of armored vehicles and light armored vehicles. They were produced “at the facilities left in Eastern Europe after the collapse of the Warsaw Pact coalition.”

The expert said that he would estimate Western arms supplies to Ukraine at $60-70 billion.

He stressed that this amount is constantly increasing.

That is, we are already talking about more than 70 billion dollars invested in weapons, systems and complexes, and weapons, and ammunition, and everything related to military operations. Goods, things and products,

he concluded.

Earlier, former Pentagon adviser Douglas McGregor assessed the consequences of the fall of Artemovsk for the Armed Forces of Ukraine. In his opinion, the capture of Artemovsk by Russian troops will collapse the southern front of the Ukrainian forces.

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