May 27, 2023

Microsoft is trying to maintain its presence in the Russian market, the Kommersant newspaper writes, citing its sources in the IT industry.

By data publications, Microsoft does not want to lose customers and is making attempts to cooperate with Russian organizations that have not fallen under US restrictive measures. Microsoft does not close the Russian legal entity and is trying to find a way to continue supporting the software and updating it.

“A number of Russian representative offices of international companies from the beginning of the year began to receive letters or oral proposals from Microsoft to continue cooperation,” Kommersant quoted a source as saying.

Such proposals, according to the newspaper, received about a thousand organizations. According to experts, Microsoft will be able to cooperate with Russian business for some time. However, in the future, Russian organizations will switch to domestic solutions. This is due, among other things, to the policy of the Russian government.

In early April, it became known that Microsoft will pay almost $3 million due to violation of sanctions, including against the Russian Federation. The US Treasury believes that the American corporation allowed the use of its software products, including in the Crimea. Violations allegedly concerned blocked legal entities and individuals. The total value of sales of software and related services exceeded $12 million.

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