May 27, 2023
frost in the garden
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On the night of Saturday to Sunday, May 7, frosts are expected to intensify in Moscow, the temperature may drop to minus 3°C. This was told by the leading specialist of the weather center “Phobos” Mikhail Leus in an interview RIA News.

“Next night, in conditions of calm and cloudy weather, frosts will not only persist, but will also become more intense. In Moscow on Sunday night, the temperature will drop to minus 1-3 ° C, in the region to 0 – minus 5 ° C,” he said. .

The meteorologist did not rule out that the daily minimum air temperature record will be updated in Moscow next night. The last time it dropped to such values ​​was on May 7, 1942. Then the thermometers showed minus 2°C.

Freezing temperatures are also expected in the middle lane on Monday night, Leus said. They will be slightly less intense on the night of May 9th.

Thus, in the capital, frosts can last four days. The last time such a duration of cold weather in May was observed in Moscow more than 50 years ago.

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