June 5, 2023
biographers day

Biographers Day is celebrated annually on May 16th. On this day, specialists who are engaged in the biographies of prominent personalities are honored. The works of biographers make a significant contribution to the development of society, science, technology, art, and are of interest to researchers and educators. Thanks to their work, information about the life of great people of a particular era has reached our days.

It was on this day in 1763 that the English philologist and poet Samuel Johnson and the Scottish writer James Boswell met. The result of the meeting was published in 1791 the two-volume “Life of Samuel Johnson” (The Life of Samuel Johnson). Later, they decided to celebrate Biographers Day on this date.

Biographers study the lives of prominent people. Their main task is to describe the personality in detail. Most of the works are written about writers, poets, politicians, businessmen, soldiers, musicians and other prominent personalities. Biographers often note the significance of the contribution of such people to certain events.

On Biographers Day, it is customary to congratulate all those who take part and are related to this area of ​​activity. In particular, historians, creators of biographies, museum staff and many others. On this holiday, various ceremonies of awarding certificates of honor, diplomas and awards for outstanding achievements are held. On the eve of the celebrations, it has become a tradition to hold conferences, seminars and advanced training courses for employees in this area. Speakers report interesting facts and answer listeners’ questions.

This day also marks:

  • international day of light was established by UNESCO in November 2017. The holiday is designed to promote the role of light in modern science, to stimulate the development of education, sciences based on light technologies, and to introduce the results of such scientific activities into people’s lives. The study of light has led to alternative energy sources, medical advances in technology for diagnosing and treating diseases, and many other discoveries that have revolutionized society. This day was not chosen by chance. In 1960, the world’s first successful demonstration of a laser was carried out by physicist and engineer Theodor Maiman.
  • International Day of Peaceful Coexistence was established by the UN General Assembly on December 8, 2017. It was decided to celebrate this day on May 16th. Peaceful coexistence involves the recognition of differences, the ability to listen, understand, respect and appreciate others, as well as the ability to live in peace and unity. Today, the UN invites all Member States, organizations and individuals to celebrate this date in accordance with their cultural traditions, national or regional customs. Also on this day, various educational events are held in many countries.

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