May 27, 2023
Alexander Bogomaz

Governor of the Bryansk region Alexander Bogomaz

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In the Bryansk region, the celebration of Victory Day will take place without the traditional procession of the “Immortal Regiment”, a parade and other mass events. This was announced on Wednesday, May 3, by the head of the region Alexander Bogomaz.

“This year we cannot spend the holiday as we would like – with a solemn procession of ceremonial calculations, a parade of generations, with portraits of our heroes in the column of the Immortal Regiment,” wrote he is in his Telegram channel. But veterans will not be left without attention, Bogomaz assured.

The governor of the region emphasized that the most important thing during the festive events is to ensure the safety of local residents. In the Bryansk region, veterans will be congratulated in the yards as part of the All-Russian actions Frontline Brigade and PoemDvorom, Bogomaz said. According to him, there will also be a flower-laying ceremony at the monuments of military glory.

As for the action “Immortal Regiment”, it will be held in several formats. “Photos with portraits of our heroes can be placed on cars, clothes, windows of houses, uploaded to a specialized website, social networks,” Bogomaz said.

Not only the Bryansk region, but also other regions of Russia have decided to abandon mass events on May 9th. In the Oryol region, the parade on Victory Day, fireworks and an evening concert were canceled. In the Kherson region also will not hold public security events. In Novosibirsk, the traditional procession of the action “Immortal Regiment” will not take place. The event will take place in a virtual format.

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