June 5, 2023

This was reported to NAO24 in the department of internal control and supervision of the NAO

Photo: Igor Ibraev/nao24.ru

Harvesting schedules were submitted to the Department of Internal Control and Supervision of the Nenets Autonomous Okrug by the managing organizations Teplo Management Company LLC, Zhilremservis LLC, Avangard Insurance Company LLC, Uyutny Dom Management Company LLC, Nenets Management Company LLC and Sodruzhestvo LLC ”, LLC ENBIO and LLC UK MKD-Service.

In the territories of apartment buildings, it is planned to clean up garbage, identify and eliminate defects in small architectural forms.

Caring residents of apartment buildings and entrepreneurs can take part in restoring order in the territories adjacent to their homes and retail outlets. For this purpose, the managing organizations were instructed to organize the allocation of the necessary cleaning equipment.

Residents can send comments and wishes regarding the cleaning of adjacent territories to their management organizations using new mobile application “Gosuslugi.Dom”. Through the same application, you can send complaints about the inaction of management companies for cleaning the areas of the housing stock.

You can install such an application by going to the phone’s camera using the qr-code:

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