May 27, 2023

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Earlier we wrote that in the editorial office of the NAO24 news agency, a press conference was held by the governor of the NAO, Yuri Bezdudny. The conversation took place in a relaxed atmosphere over a cup of tea and lasted more than two hours. Representatives of the regional media were primarily concerned about health issues and transport accessibility. The head of the region also answered personal questions of journalists.

Freaky laws and gambling fishing

— Yury Vasilyevich, you have been working in the Nenets Autonomous Okrug for four years. During this time, you have become imbued with the Nenets culture, sewed a national costume for yourself, decorate your speech with the Nenets language. Could you, as an experiment, live for some time in the tundra, in a chum, manage a reindeer-breeding team? Or do you already have this experience? — the NAO24 correspondent asked the head of the region.

— Yes, Lilia Taybarei sewed a malitsa for me, I have already managed a reindeer herding team, although you need a certain skill to do it. I know how to behave in the plague. From the person who enters the dwelling of the Nenets, it is immediately clear whether he understands something in the life of the tundra or not. I know where men shouldn’t go. Some elements of life are absolutely clear. It is clear that it would be quite difficult for me to live in the plague, but in general, I know the way of life, culture and rules of behavior. This experience that you are talking about is to live in the tundra this summer, if one of the reindeer breeders invites, I will definitely try it.

Are you a hunter or a fisherman?

— I am a fisherman and a hunter. It seems to me that everyone who lives in our district, fishermen and hunters, it doesn’t matter here – men or women. Here, nothing is divided by gender,” said Yuri Bezdudny. But I’m probably more of a fisherman. Moreover, a gambling fisherman: when it bites well, it’s hard to pull me away from the hole.

About a trip to new regions of Russia

At the press conference, the head of the region also shared his impressions of the trip to new regions of Russia – the Donetsk People’s Republic, Zaporozhye and Kherson regions.

– In July, you were in the liberated territories that became part of the Russian Federation. What are your personal impressions of the trip? What is the state of the cities and settlements, what kind of atmosphere prevails there?

— All subjects of Russia help. We do not abandon our own, and this is perhaps the most important slogan. It has a practical content, because we are one people. I was in Mariupol, and before that I was there in August last year. I will say that in less than a year the city has changed. There was a lot of destruction. Now there are new neighborhoods, facilities – schools, kindergartens. Melitopol was not destroyed, there were no active hostilities, but the front line runs along the Dnieper, along Vasilievka, Energodar, Kamenka-Dneprovskaya, the head of the region said. – Residents of the new regions of Russia are optimistic about the future, they are engaged in agriculture. This is an amazing region, blessed by the climate. People are now restoring peaceful life there, but now they need our help, the help of the whole country.

In addition, Yuri Bezdudny visited the Kherson region, where he met with the fighters of the Nenets company. The head of the region handed over UAZ Patriot, anti-drone guns, equipment, a generator, food (including venison stew), and parcels from relatives to the servicemen.

– The guys communicate by call signs: “Fly”, “Dawn”, “Tundra”, “Rambo”, but I also know them by their names. When I came to the guys, one of the fighters had a birthday. On the way to the Nenets company, we bought strawberries and joked that we had grown them in our greenhouse plant, – shared Yuri Bezdudny. – The guys have already been on vacation, they have been “shelled” for a long time, they are very supported by relatives and friends. They have such a fighting spirit, they are confident, bold and no longer afraid of anything. After the trip, I met with the families of the guys. Now it is very important to surround them with care, because the guys, as they themselves said, fight in a completely different way, confident that there is order at home,” the governor said.

In addition, during the conversation, the topics of dredging a section of the Pechora River in the Komi Republic, construction of housing in villages under the 30 by 70 program, and the development of a new measure to support reindeer herders – a certificate for installing a plague, were raised.

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