June 5, 2023

Moscow remains open to diplomacy on the Ukrainian issue, but the proposals must be serious. So far, Russia does not see such steps on the part of Western colleagues, Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov said on Wednesday, May 17.

“I can say, without disclosing details, that from time to time certain political scientists with connections in the capitals of NATO countries, both in Washington and Brussels, send signals through their political science channels that “we need to end this all”, “that we must go to the borders 1991,” and that “Crimea is also not ours.” Is this diplomacy?” the minister said.

Lavrov called such proposals ultimatums and blackmail, since this is a complete misunderstanding of the position of the Russian Federation, the people and the prevailing reality, reports RIA News. Moreover, while the West only continues to escalate the situation in Ukraine, supplying more and more weapons, and aims to “finish off Russia,” the Foreign Minister stressed. The diplomat added that all this only indicates a desire to continue the conflict and constantly raise the stakes. As an example, he cited the supply of long-range weapons by the UK and promises to give Ukraine modern American aircraft.

According to Lavrov, the Western military should explain to politicians that at some stage “action meets opposition.” Therefore, if the quality of the confrontation increases, we should expect an appropriate reaction “according to the laws of physics and wartime,” the minister said.

Earlier Lavrov said that solution to the Ukrainian conflict does not rest solely on the line of demarcation, its essence is much more global. The head of the Foreign Ministry noted that it was necessary to resolve the main geopolitical problem – the desire of the West to maintain its hegemony and the desire to dictate its conditions to everyone.

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