June 5, 2023
Leopard 1 tanks in storage

Leopard 1 tanks in storage (illustration)

©Axel Heimken/dpa/Global Look Press

Kyiv keeps the details of its spring counteroffensive a secret from the allies. Thus, it is supposed to prevent the leakage of confidential information that could jeopardize the positions of the Armed Forces of Ukraine on the battlefield. About it told According to Politico, two representatives of European officials who are in contact with Ukrainian military leaders.

One of the reasons why Kyiv refrains from sharing information about the counteroffensive with the allies is the alleged leak of American secret documents from Massachusetts Air Force Guardsman Jack Teixeira. In particular, Ukraine at the moment does not tell the allies about the timing of the offensive, or about where and how many troops are planned to be withdrawn.

However, Washington sees no problem in such actions by Kyiv. The representative of the National Security Council, John Kirby, answered the corresponding question of journalists that the silence before the real start of the counteroffensive would not be a surprise.

He also added that “they are not required to notify us or inform us in advance.” And he pointed out that the United States continues to support Ukrainian operations with real-time information and intelligence.

On April 28, the Minister of Defense of Ukraine announced on the readiness of Kyiv to the counteroffensive. The head of the US State Department has previously assumed that this counteroffensive will take place in the coming weeks.

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