May 29, 2023
Patriot Advanced Capability-3

Anti-aircraft missile system “Patriot” PAC-3 (file photo)

©Aaron Henson / / Global Look Press

Japan’s military has deployed Patriot PAC-3 anti-missile systems to islands in the southern prefecture of Okinawa over the past week to intercept the wreckage of a North Korean missile with which Pyongyang plans to launch a military satellite, Kyodo reported on May 1.

The missile defense systems are located on the islands of Miyako, Ishigaki and Yonaguni. Prior to this, Patriot PAC-3s were stationed at Miyako and Ishigaki in 2012 and 2016. Then the North Korean authorities also planned to launch satellites, but they did not have to use missile defense systems, writes TASS.

The Japanese Ministry of Defense ordered to intercept a missile launched by the DPRK if it or its fragments pose a danger to the country.

On April 19, the North Korean state agency KCNA reported that the country’s leadership instructed to begin preparations for the launch of the first reconnaissance satellite. Pyongyang expects that the spacecraft will increase the republic’s ability to collect data.

Earlier, Japan, South Korea and the United States agreed to regularly exercise on anti-missile and anti-submarine defense against the backdrop of growing threats from the DPRK.

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