May 29, 2023
Palestinian children in the ruins of a school
┬ęGlobal Look Press/Keystone Press Agency

Israeli authorities on Sunday, May 7, demolished a Palestinian school in the West Bank. These actions drew strong condemnation from the European Union, informs Times of Israel.

The press service of the Israeli armed forces unit COGAT indicated that the building was built illegally. It was declared “unsafe to visit”. The demolition order was issued by an Israeli court.

Reuters clarifiesthat the building was about 2 km from Bethlehem. The European Union Delegation to Palestine posted a message on social media stating that members of the community were “appalled” by the demolition of the school, which would affect 60 Palestinian children.

The Palestinian Authority Education Ministry called the demolition a “terrible crime.” It said that this will lead to the fact that “school students will be deprived of the opportunity to receive a free, safe and stable education, like children in the rest of the world.”

A source from the Israeli judiciary told Reuters that the dispute over the security of the school building had been going on for six years. According to him, students will be accepted by a nearby educational institution.

Israeli authorities also noted that the building was erected in 2017 without permission. The building was located in the Herodium National Park in the West Bank.

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