May 29, 2023

The creative program of the concert was organized by the pop-jazz studio “Improviz”.

The concert was dedicated to Russian soldiers and volunteers who perform combat missions in the special military operation zone, and their families.

Alexander Lutovinov, Speaker of the Assembly of Deputies of the Nenets Autonomous Okrug, delivered a welcoming speech to the residents of Indiga.

“We hold such meetings in order to once again fill this troubled time with content and meaning. An invisible connection runs between two events – the 78th anniversary of the Victory in the Great Patriotic War and participation in a special military operation. Today and in those dashing years of trials, we are doing one big common cause. Our grandfathers, great-grandfathers and home front workers managed to defend the country during the Great Patriotic War. So let’s do the same and provide worldwide support to our guys who are on the front line defending their Motherland. We will do everything to ensure that the Victory is ours! Remember, our country is powerful and strong, first of all, by people,” said Alexander Lutovinov.

The head of the Zapolyarny region, Viktor Ilyin, also addressed the audience.

– In 2014, the enemy vilely violated all agreements and a neo-fascist regime came to power in fraternal Ukraine. Bandera began to destroy their own people – our brothers, who did not agree to live under the flag of the Nazis. It was these people that the Bandera regime set up as a human shield. Last year, our President Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin made a very difficult and important decision – we came to protect civilians. We cannot do otherwise, this is our united people, it was with them that in May 1945 we hoisted the banner of Victory over the Reichstag. I am sure that the words “The enemy will be defeated! Victory will be ours!”, which sounded 78 years ago, are still relevant now,” Viktor Ilyin said.

Also at the concert-meeting, the head of the volunteering resource center of the Nenets Autonomous Okrug, Maria Bashirova, spoke. She spoke about the work of the regional headquarters #MYVMESTE.

I would like to start my speech by thanking you all. Indiga is one of those settlements that makes a very big contribution to helping our guys in the NVO zone,” said Maria Bashirova. — The headquarters of #WETOGETHER originates in 2020, when the coronavirus pandemic began. In March 2022, the activities of the headquarters were focused on helping the military personnel of the NWO and their families. At the moment, the headquarters includes representatives of authorities, the Assembly of Deputies, local governments, entrepreneurs who are constantly in touch and provide any possible assistance to the participants of the NWO. The work of the headquarters is structured in such a way that each family is assigned a curator who is constantly in touch. He helps to solve any issues, including household ones. This is the first area of ​​activity of the headquarters, and the second is the provision of humanitarian assistance, here the main role is played by the Regional Youth Center, where everyone can provide any possible assistance, ”explained the head of the regional resource center for volunteerism.

The Deputy Director of the Department of Social Protection of the Population spoke about the measures of social support for military personnel and their families.

– Citizens who have entered into a contract for military service and sent to the zone of a special military operation are paid a one-time cash payment in the amount of 300 thousand rubles. Families of military personnel are provided with such social support measures as exemption from parental fees for attending a kindergarten by a child, free meals in educational organizations. Schoolchildren and students are provided with free bus travel. Families are also provided with free legal, psychological and domestic assistance. Persons who have been assigned the status of a war veteran are provided with such social support measures as payment of utility bills in the amount of 50%, a lump sum cash payment for the purchase of housing, repayment of a loan for the purchase of housing, or building a house up to one million rubles and much more – emphasized Anna Klestova.

At the end of the concert-meeting, the head of the Timan village council, Vadim Glukhov, took the floor.

– Speaking about our work, I can say that we are in close contact with the authorities. They know about our problems, help, do everything to make our work better. In addition, I would like to say a big thank you to everyone who prepared this wonderful concert. Let’s not give up, let’s win. Many guys from Indiga and Vyucheysky went to the zone of a special military operation to defend their homeland. Some will go there now, some have been there for a long time, but we try to keep in touch with them and help their families, especially the administration of the district and the administration of the Zapolyarny Region provide great support. I wish all our heroes to return home safe and sound,” Vadim Glukhov summed up.


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