May 29, 2023
Ministry of Defense of Ukraine

Ministry of Defense of Ukraine (File photo)


The Ministry of Defense of Ukraine proposed to amend the legislation, reducing the age limit for conscription for military service from 27 to 25 years. The department said that during martial law, conscription for urgent military service is not carried out.

The ministry also noted that the need for the annual arrival of young people of military age in the territorial recruitment centers leads to additional costs and burden on medical workers. Department announcement on Thursday, May 4, leads TASS.

The Ministry of Defense emphasized that the long stay on the military register of conscripts during martial law leads to the fact that a significant number of those who are fit for military service, but do not have the status of military servicemen, cannot be called up during mobilization.

The President of Ukraine announced a general mobilization on February 25, 2022 after the start of the Russian special operation. In October, the head of state forbade firing to the reserve of retired conscripts. In February of this year, the action of general mobilization in Ukraine was extended for three months – until May 19. This week the President proposed to extend mobilization for another 90 days.

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