May 29, 2023
Fire in the paint shop of the door factory
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In Togliatti, in the Samara region, there was a major fire in the paint shop of the enterprise. Its area has grown to 6 thousand square meters. m. The fire was assigned an increased third call rank. This was told in the Main Directorate of the Ministry of Emergency Situations of the Russian Federation for the region.

The first message about a fire in a building on Povolzhskoye Highway was received at 22:22 (21:22 Moscow time) on May 13. The fire broke out at a local metal door manufacturer. clarifies RIA News.

The emergency services explained that 15 people were evacuated. There were no injured or dead.

Initially, it was reported that the fire area was 1 thousand square meters. m, later it increased to 6 thousand square meters. m. In addition, there was a partial collapse of the roof of the building. 104 people and 33 pieces of equipment, including a fire train, take part in extinguishing the fire.

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