May 29, 2023

The annual Youth Army festival of patriotic song “Voices of Victory” was held at City Secondary School No. 4

Photo: Anna Plastova/

Deputy Governor of the NAO Natalia Sidorova addressed the participants of the festival with a welcoming speech.

Photo: Anna Plastova/

– 78 years ago the most cruel, terrible and bloody war ended. 27 million Soviet citizens died. And today our main task, our sacred duty is to preserve the historical truth and the memory of our great-grandfathers and grandfathers, their feat and heroism. May 9 is indeed the holiest holiday in our country, and it is wonderful that on the eve of such a great day, a festival of the youth song is being held. I really hope that this festival will become not only a creative workshop, but also a center of patriotic education,” said Natalia Sidorova.

Cadet classes, Yunarmiya detachments, creative teams and military-patriotic clubs performed on the stage.

Photo: Anna Plastova/

The guys sang songs dedicated to the period of the Great Patriotic War, such as “Katyusha”, “About that spring”, “Victory Day” and many others.

– The song helps us to build and live, it is with us in joy and in sorrow. The song “Holy War” raised the whole country to the last and decisive battle. During the war, many compositions were written about the feat of our people, love for the great Motherland. Many years have passed, but we still sing songs of the war years, because this is our history, the history of our Russia. We will remember this and pass on historical memory to the next generation, including through such festivals. When we broadcast this terrible story that happened to our country in 1941-1945, there will always be a peaceful sky over our Fatherland,” said Natalya Kardakova, deputy of the District Assembly.

Photo: Anna Plastova/

It should be noted that within the framework of the event, a solemn ceremony of initiation into the ranks of the Yunarmiya members of the students of the fourth and fifth city schools, as well as participants in the music studio of the Yunarmiya regional branch, took place. More than 90 students joined the ranks of the Yunarmiya members.

Also, servicemen of military unit 12403 were invited to the festival.

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