May 29, 2023

The results of the work of the commission on the initiative budgeting program were summed up at the operational meeting of the governor

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– Within the framework of initiative budgeting, applications could be submitted by municipalities, TOSs and residents. Of the 30 applications, 16 projects have been selected to be implemented. The projects are all socially significant, many localities took part this year. The competition commission assessed the quality of submitted applications and the importance of projects, the level of participation of municipalities and its residents in the implementation of the project, – reported the head of the department of internal policy of the Nenets Autonomous Okrug Ivan Leonov.

He added that this year 20.5 million rubles were allocated from the district budget for the initiative budgeting competition.

– We have a wonderful project – “Formation of a comfortable urban environment”, where residents vote for projects related to improvement, but it so happened that only the city participates in this project. This is unfair in relation to rural settlements. That is why we annually hold an initiative budgeting competition in the Okrug, when municipalities, at the initiative of residents, come up with improvement projects,” Governor Yuri Bezdudny said.

The Governor emphasized that now the main task is the high-quality and timely implementation of the projects that won the competition and instructed the heads of municipalities to keep this issue under control.

— We have a short period for the implementation of projects, summer, so by the first of September, let’s be ready to accept all these renovated territories. The residents will be grateful to you,” said the governor of the NAO, Yuri Bezdudny.

Photo: Anna Plastova/

Projects to be implemented under the program:

Velikovisochny Village Council

It is planned to install a lighting composition “Great Viska” in Velikovisochny, as well as to equip bridge footpaths. In Toshvisk, Shchelino, Pylemets, Labozhsky, outdoor venues will be built for public events and holidays.

Kaninsky Village Council

In Nes, it is planned to update wooden sidewalks and roads made of reinforced concrete slabs. In Chizh, a crossing over the Korabelny stream will be arranged.

Kotkinsky Village Council

In Kotkino, a street stage will be installed near the Cultural Center. A.S. Savinkova

Omsk Village Council

Art object “I love SNOPA” will be installed in the village of Snopa

Peshsky Village Council

Two memorial plates “Participants of the Great Patriotic War” will be installed in the village of Belushye. In the village of Verkhnyaya Pyosha, the fences of the burial places will be replaced.

Primorsko-Kuisky Village Council

In Krasnoe, containers for the collection of MSW will be purchased.

Shoinsky Village Council

In the village of Shoina, the Sandy Pearl children’s playground will be completed and the public area near the airport building will be landscaped. In the village of Kiya, the cemetery fence will be renewed.

Village of Seekers

In Iskateley, a children’s playground will be built in the area of ​​Pomorskaya Street and the territory will be landscaped in the area of ​​house No. 9 on Ardalin Street.

The initiative budgeting competition has been held in the NAO since 2017. Municipalities submit projects for street lighting, improvement of streets, courtyards, squares, embankments, landscaping, parking lots and others.

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