May 29, 2023
No-fly zone sign
©Aleksey Smyshlyaev/Global Look Press

The official ban on the use of drones began to operate on Sunday, May 7, in the Leningrad region. This resolution was signed by the head of the region Alexander Drozdenko.

About it reported in the Telegram channel of the Leningrad region. There is an exception to this. So, it’s made for:

  • public authorities;
  • local governments;
  • their subordinate organizations;
  • other organizations that operate under agreements with state authorities or self-government.

The new rules will be in effect until the end of the basic readiness regime. It was introduced by decree of the President of the Russian Federation in October 2022.

That a complete ban on the use of unmanned aerial vehicles by civilians has been introduced throughout the Leningrad Region, became known on May 4. Then it was reported that an exception was made at the disposal of the head of the region for drones that are used to ensure the safety of infrastructure facilities, transport routes, power lines, oil and gas pipelines, water supply and sanitation facilities, forest fire detection and control measures.

A ban on the use of unmanned vehicles was also previously introduced in the Stavropol Territory, in the Orenburg, Ryazan, Saratov, Nizhny Novgorod, Irkutsk regions, Perm, Primorsky and Krasnodar territories.

On May 3, the use of civilian UAVs was banned in Moscow and the Moscow region. This decision was made after an attempt to attack the Kremlin with two unmanned aerial vehicles at once.

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