May 27, 2023

Work on the problematic section from Cable to the village of Srednee Bugaevo was initiated by the authorities of the Nenets Autonomous Okrug

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Anatoly Frolov, Head of the Department of Construction, Housing, Energy and Transport of the Nenets Autonomous Okrug, reported on the upcoming work at the operational meeting of the Governor of the Nenets Autonomous Okrug. According to him, dredging in navigation in 2023 will be carried out by the FBU “Administration of the Dvina-Pechora Inland Waterways Basin”. Negotiations were held with the organization on behalf of the head of the region. The reason was problems with ferry traffic last year. In August, for several days, barges could not pass through the Pechora due to the shallowing of the river.

— As part of your instructions, the department held talks with the Administration of the Dvina-Pechora Inland Waterways Basin. There are already results. Last week, information was received about the approved plan for dredging on the Pechora River in 2023 navigation. The scope of work will be 105,000 m3,” said Anatoly Frolov.

Yuri Bezdudny instructed the leadership of the relevant department to be in constant contact with both the federal agency and the authorities of the Komi Republic. The governor noted that, despite the fact that the site is located on the territory of another subject, the request for these works was from residents of the Nenets Autonomous Okrug, so the situation must be kept under control.

– There are barges that transport our residents. Therefore, we are worried that our barges will not stand up again in mid-August, when the river traditionally becomes shallow. We keep the situation under control. It is clear that the subject is different, but we control as much as possible and keep in touch with this department,” said Yuri Bezdudny.

In August 2022, due to the low water level in the Pechora in the Nenets Autonomous Region, state of emergency declared. The movement of the ferry at the crossing in the Cable area in the territory of the Komi Republic was hindered. He went intermittently, so most of the ships (barges) suspended their transportation on the route Shchelyayur – Naryan-Mar and back. Residents of the district, who went on vacation by personal transport, could not leave Naryan-Mar and return to the district. Then, on behalf of the governor, barge passengers were provided with an alternative route for the Naryan-Mar-Usinsk road under construction.

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