May 29, 2023
Moscow city
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Night frosts will come to Moscow at the beginning of the new week. Warm weather is predicted for the weekend. The thermometers will rise to +22°C. On Sunday, May 7, said the leading specialist of the weather center “Phobos” Yevgeny Tishkovets.

On the night of Monday, May 8, it will be from minus 3 to plus 2 ° C, the meteorologist said RIA News. During the day in the capital the air will warm up to +9…+14°C. Precipitation is not predicted. On Tuesday, May 9 – Victory Day – in Moscow in the morning it will be from minus 2 to plus 3 ° C. And the weather will please you during the day. The thermometers will rise to +11…+16°C. Precipitation is not expected, said Tishkovets.

On Wednesday, May 10, it will become a little warmer. It will rain in places. “On Thursday, the thermometers, heated by the sun, will return to their climatic course after almost two weeks of uncharacteristic cold for this time of year,” the meteorologist said. According to him, on May 11 in the capital the air will warm up to +14…+19°C. And on Friday, May 12, it will be even warmer – +15…+20°C.

Next weekend, +17…+22°C is expected in Moscow during the day. At night, the thermometers will stay at +7…+12°C. Such weather will continue in the capital until the end of the month, summed up Tishkovets.

On Victory Day, residents of the Russian capital will enjoy not only warm, but also sunny weather during the daytime. However, by evening meteorologists ruled out brief rain.

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