May 29, 2023
Water shutdown
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Planned shutdowns of hot water in houses and other buildings in Moscow will be carried out from May 15 to August 25. The maximum period of outages will be 10 calendar days, as before. This was announced on Thursday, May 4, in public utilities.

A schedule of seasonal hot water shutdowns will be published on the website in the coming days. Information about the date when the water supply will be stopped in those houses where this should happen in May has already appeared in the personal accounts of Muscovites on the Gosuslugi portal, including in the mobile application, transmits TASS.

Hot water in Moscow will be turned off to prepare the centralized heating system for the autumn-winter season 2023/2024.

In anticipation of outages in Moscow, May frosts are predicted. So, on Thursday, the thermometers in the capital and the region will rise to +16℃, but on the night of Friday, May 5, the temperature will be from 0℃ to +5℃. Light rain will fall during the day, and the air will warm up to +11–13℃.

On the night of Saturday, May 6, precipitation in the form of rain and sleet can begin in the Moscow region. The air temperature in the capital will be from 0℃ to +2℃, in the region – up to +5℃. At the same time, meteorologists do not exclude frosts down to minus 2℃ in some places. On Saturday afternoon, the air will warm up to + 7-9 ℃, strong wind is expected.

At the end of April it was reported that the heating system in Moscow switched to summer mode. Preparations for the new autumn-winter period have already begun in the capital, which will be completed by September 1.

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