May 29, 2023
Flag of Kazakhstan
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The sanctions imposed by Western countries against Russia create a number of problems for Kazakhstan as well. This opinion was expressed by the Deputy Chairman of the Kazakhstan National Bank Akylzhan Baimagambetov, informs

The deputy chairman of the National Bank specified that the government of the republic is trying to prevent a situation in which the Russian authorities use Kazakhstan as a tool to bypass Western restrictions. At the same time, he acknowledged that Moscow remains one of the republic’s largest trading partners.

According to Akylzhan Baimagambetov, the Kazakh authorities are trying to maintain a “balanced approach”, since “sanctions against Russia also create problems for us.”

May 2 Ambassador of Kazakhstan to the United States also statedthat the republic is not going to assist the Russian authorities in circumventing Western sanctions. And he pointed out that the restrictions applied by the West had become “an extremely difficult issue” not only for Kazakhstan, but also for other countries of Central Asia.

These statements followed after the United States warned Kazakhstan at the end of April 2023 about the risks of applying to enterprises and financial and credit organizations of the republic secondary sanctions for Russia’s help.

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