May 29, 2023
Embassy of Germany in Russia

Embassy of Germany in Russia

©Aleksandr Schemlyaev/Global Look Press

Some employees of German missions left Russia on Monday, May 1, the German Foreign Ministry said. The exact number of such employees in the department was not named.

They recalled that a number of employees of Russian diplomatic missions left Germany in mid-March due to the fact that their activities allegedly “did not correspond to diplomatic status,” writes TASS. The representative office of the Russian Federation, in turn, asked to leave the country a similar number of employees of German missions, recalled the German Foreign Ministry.

On April 22, it became known about the decision of Berlin to expel Russian diplomats from Germany en masse. The Russian Foreign Ministry condemned this step, calling it destructive for relations between the two countries. Moscow also took mirror measures and announced the expulsion of more than 20 German diplomats. The Foreign Ministry stressed that the maximum number of employees of German diplomatic missions in the Russian Federation will be significantly limited. Expulsion of Russian diplomats from Germany explained the desire of the authorities to reduce the activity of the Russian special services in the country.

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