May 27, 2023
Spanish visa

Last year, Schengen visas were most often issued to Russians by the embassies of Spain, Italy, Finland, Germany and Greece, and least of all by the embassies of Sweden, Austria and Norway. About this on Thursday, May 11, told in the Association of Tour Operators of Russia (ATOR).

According to the statistics of the SchengenVisaInfo portal, in 2022 citizens of the Russian Federation applied for visas 687 thousand times. In 10% of cases, they were denied a Schengen visa.

“Most of all Schengen was issued to Russians by the Spanish consulate in Moscow: almost 144 thousand visas. Only in 5.2% of cases the Spanish diplomatic mission refused applicants. In total, the Spanish consulates in Moscow and St. Petersburg issued about 155 thousand Schengen visas to our compatriots last year “, – added to ATOR.

The Italian consulate in Moscow issued almost 89,000 visas. In total, the Italian consulates in Moscow and St. Petersburg issued about 103,000 visas last year, while 14,000 citizens were refused.

The Consulate of Finland in St. Petersburg issued about 82,000 visas to Russians, while the rejection rate was only 2%. In total, Finnish consulates issued more than 105,000 visas in 2022.

The largest percentage of refusals to issue Schengen to Russians last year was at the Swedish consulate in Moscow – 30.8%. Schengen was denied to 4.9 thousand applicants. The share of refusals in the consulates of Austria amounted to 27.8%.

Earlier, an expert on tourism and visa processing told how now get a schengen Russians. The procedure for obtaining a visa has changed dramatically, and the process itself requires much more time.

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