May 28, 2023

Zucchini seeds are usually planted in open ground in the second half of May, and for seedlings – about 25 days before planting in the garden. To get quick shoots, some gardeners prepare the seeds in a special way. Experts told how to properly conduct such training.

Why do we need pre-sowing treatment of zucchini seeds

The main point of seed pre-treatment is that it helps to improve seed germination. It is also believed that due to the processing, the seedlings will be stronger and more resilient.

Experts note that in general, you can do without processing, but it still has its advantages, which are listed above. And in some cases, treatment is even recommended. It needs to be done if:

  • you have old seeds (from 6 years old or more), with an expiring or expired date;
  • the seeds were stored incorrectly (at very low or high temperatures, excessive moisture or dryness);
  • you want to sprout faster and improve germination.

Methods for preparing zucchini seeds for planting on seedlings and in open ground

Before pre-sowing preparation, a visual inspection of the seeds should be carried out and bad specimens should be removed. This is especially true for material that was collected by hand.

There are several ways to prepare zucchini seeds for planting. The most effective of them are soaking and sprouting, writes portal “About flowers and garden”.


Zucchini seeds can be soaked in clean and slightly warm non-chlorinated water for 12-24 hours. If there is no time to wait, you can try to do 2-3 hours. This is the easiest pre-treatment method.

It is more effective to soak the seeds in a growth stimulator solution. It can be “Epin”, “Energen”, “Zircon”, HB-101. To properly soak, you need to follow the instructions for the drug.

With any soak, it is important that the seeds in the water have access to oxygen. It is optimal if they are in a shallow wide container and only slightly covered with water.


Pre-sprouting seeds will help you get seedlings much faster and identify non-viable seeds.

Before germination, the seed can be soaked in a growth stimulator. This is not required and is optional. Two-stage processing will enhance the effectiveness of the procedure.

Germination is carried out according to a simple scheme:

  1. If desired, soak the material in a growth stimulator.
  2. Put the seeds on a cotton pad or cotton cloth, cover with the same material on top.
  3. Moisten the material liberally with a sprayer or carefully pour water over the top.
  4. Put the material in a bag, tie it up and put it in a warm place (the optimum temperature is plus 23–27 ° C).
  5. Check seeds every day. The material in the bag must be kept moist at all times. After most of the seeds germinate, they should be planted immediately in a garden bed or seedling. It is very important to handle the seeds and plant them carefully so as not to break the sprouted beak.

Zucchini seeds usually germinate in 2-4 days.

What seeds can not be processed

Any seeds that the manufacturer has already prepared cannot be processed. These can be glazed, coated, plasma seeds, etc. They are already fully prepared for landing.

Zucchini is not among the “demanding” garden crops. Therefore, in order to obtain a bountiful harvest, it is enough to observe basic rules for plant care.

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