Far from the modern era, all gadgets, and the high use of social media as it is today, children in the past had their own way of living their days while still full of happiness. Of the many ways that were often used in the past, some of them are traditional games that maybe we can only remember their names because they are rarely played anymore, even by small children. One of them is a game of hide-and-seek throwing stones.

For some people who have experienced the glory moments of traditional games even though they are in their old age, they must be familiar with this type of game. In the past, if you had gathered together, whether it was in someone’s yard, in the field, or in the rice fields, this stone-throwing hide-and-seek became one of the mainstays of the game that was often played by children to teenagers. It doesn’t matter if it’s a boy or a girl, almost all of them must have felt the excitement before.

This type of hide-and-seek is more exciting than the usual hide-and-seek

Different from the usual hide-and-seek, this stone-throwing hide-and-seek game is more exciting and challenging because the method is more difficult and often makes it difficult for people who have a turn to guard. If you usually just get a lottery, keep watch and the others hide, this hide-and-seek throwing stones can be said to be an advanced level. Using precarious shards that are stacked in such a way with a certain amount, then people who have a turn to hide will throw them with baseballs or stones from a predetermined distance in turn until the pile collapses. Well, while it was the turn of the guard to rearrange the arrangement, the other children would try to hide in the safest place.

The most annoying thing is that if you get a guard turn, then there are opponents who throw their gacos so loudly that the arrangement of stones is everywhere.

Everywhere the most annoying game of hide-and-seek is whoever is on guard. After all, it’s just ordinary hide-and-seek that is often bullied by other friends, especially this type of hide-and-seek. The most annoying and irritated is when a child throws his gaco so loudly that the arrangement of stones or tile fragments is scattered in all directions. In fact, even if a circle is given as a barrier, if it is hit by a strong throw it will scatter everywhere. This is what makes anyone who has a shift in guard feel anxious, confused, and dizzy when trying to rearrange the arrangement to the way it was before. The longer the guard keeps the arrangement, the more opportunities for other children to run and find a hiding place.

This game of hide-and-seek throwing stones is different in different regions and has different names

Although both hide and seek throwing stones, each region has its own name for this unique traditional game . In Java, this game is most often referred to by the names of sepak tekong, blandongan, and bancakan . It’s different again with terms that exist outside Java, usually known as the game of breaking plates, boy’s ball, or gebok ball. Seriously, this hide-and-seek throwing stones is really fun! The reason is, we can test the emotions of friends while occasionally teasing them, and playing sports at the same time. But, usually if you get one turn on guard, it will take a very long time because you keep cheating

It’s really cool, it seems that traditional games like this can still be preserved and known by today’s little kids. This is proof that even without gadgets or social media in the past, we can be happy all day long. It’s different from today, if you don’t hold your cellphone for a day and open the internet, it’s really hard.

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