May 29, 2023

Since orchids are native to tropical forests, where they grow on trees, at home, flowers can also exist without a substrate. This feature of orchids is often used by experienced gardeners.

Under natural conditions, orchids are fixed on tree branches or snags, and their roots hang freely in the air, receiving moisture from it. Growing orchids without a substrate at home is an interesting method that does not require much effort and time to care for the plant. In addition, this is a good way to heal flower roots that have suffered from excess moisture.

To grow an orchid without a substrate, first you need to choose a suitable transparent container with drainage holes. After that, stones can be placed on the bottom of the pot, which will serve as a drainage layer and at the same time a weighting agent so that the container does not turn over. The orchid should be placed on a layer of rocks, making sure the roots are loose.

Another option is to use a piece of bark. In this case, holes will have to be made in it, into which it is necessary to pass the wire in order to secure the orchid. The ends of the wire must be rolled into a loop, with which the orchid is attached to a window or other lighted place. With this cultivation, the flower must be completely sprayed with water at least once a day to ensure it has the right level of moisture. Clean water should be periodically replaced with a fertilizer solution.

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