Why add a contact form to your site?

It is important to have About Us, Contact Us, Privacy Policy etc. pages on every WordPress site, especially for AdSense approval. All the other pages can be written in text form, but the contact page is given as a form instead of just text. Then the visitors of your site can contact you very easily through a form fill.

Contact Form 7 rules to add a form to the site with the WordPress plugin

So you don’t need to know any coding to make such a form. You can do this difficult task very easily with a plugin. You just need to go to Plugins from your WordPress dashboard, then click Add New button and search by writing Contact Form 7.

Then you have to install and activate this plugin like me.

Trick to add a form to any webpage with a shortcode

So after activating the plugin you will get an option called Contact in your WordPress menu.

If you click on it, you will see that a form called Contact form 1 is already created, so I am using it on the Tech Help BD site. You can edit it if you want or create a new form by clicking Add New.

But I will use the one given by default, so we have to copy this [contact-form-7 404 "Not Found"] shortcode from here.

[ Note ]  I have given my form code only to show you, you have to copy your own form shortcode from the place marked in the screenshot.

How to Create a Contact Us Page for WordPress Sites

Then wherever you paste this shortcode, a form will be created there. So since we are going to add a form to the Contact Us page, we have to click on the Pages option from the dashboard first, then click on the Add New button there and paste the copied shortcode with the page name Contact Us. Then just update it. Well, our work is done.

How to Add Contact Us Page to Footer Menu

Now we need to add this contact page to our Footer menu, for this first click on Appearance and then Menu from the WordPress dashboard. Then, select the Footer menu from the select menu to edit option.

Then add the Contact Us page from Pages on the left. I have already added so I am not adding anymore.

All this information will go to the administration email of your WordPress site. So if you want to send them to any other mail it is also possible.

[ Note ] There is no need to change your Administration email. You can change the settings of Contact Form 7.

So click on the Contact button as per the screenshot below and then click on the Edit button of your form

So if you see the To option of the mail after clicking the Edit button, it will be [_site_admin_email] by default. This means that all emails will go to the site admin’s email, which I showed a little earlier.

[ Note ] Sometimes many people do marketing from this form, in that case, you can give a separate email here if you don’t want to receive those spammy messages in your official mail.

Hope today’s post was very helpful to you. Don’t forget to comment if it is helpful. Your comments inspire me to write.