May 29, 2023

Many flower growers love roses, but few know how to properly care for them. For those who are worried about weak plants, horticultural expert Muhammed Haq (Muhammed Haq) told what to do with roses in May, so that they bloom in the summer.

“If your rose bush is not blooming or looks dead, there can be several reasons. One of the most common is incorrect pruning or pruning at the wrong time,” he noted.

According to Hack, May is considered the best time for this procedure. The grower explained that pruning roses at this time of the year stimulates new, healthy flower growth and encourages more buds to form. It includes, among other things, the removal of all faded shoots and overgrown branches, writes

To carry out the procedure correctly, you need to make a clean cut just above the healthy kidney, facing outward. “This will help develop new shoots and make the plant more open,” Hack added.

In addition, it is important to ensure that any crossing or rubbing branches are removed. This can prevent damage and provide the roses with the best air and light flow. In addition, the gardener advised using only clean and sharp secateurs so as not to damage the stems and not cause disease in the bush.

Roses are considered a sign of a well-groomed garden, but no less beautiful, but not so whimsical plants can become an alternative to them. For those who are tired of messing with the “queen of flowers”, gardeners advised pay attention to several colors.

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