June 5, 2023
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High-speed Internet will appear in 2023 in almost 29 small and remote settlements of the Moscow Region with a population of 100 to 500 people. About it told in the press service of the Minsk State Administration, IT and Communications of the region.

According to the press service, cities, villages and villages in 13 urban districts of the Moscow Region will be connected to high-speed Internet in 2023. According to the head of the Minsk State Administration, Nadezhda Kurtyanik, within the framework of the federal program Eliminating the Digital Divide, base stations of mobile operators are appearing in small towns. She noted that this allows residents, tourists and summer residents to access mobile Internet, communicate with loved ones, and also use digital services. About this on Wednesday, May 10, writes publication “Vesti Podmoskovye”.

The department said that by 2030 all settlements of the Moscow region will be provided with an Internet connection. Since 2021, more than 290 recipients have been connected to the network in the region. In addition, a vote was held in the region, which determined the geography of improving the regional infrastructure. It is emphasized that now the list of settlements is ready for the implementation of the program.

Earlier, the Deputy Prime Minister of Russia said that in 2022, more than 2,000 small settlements were provided with mobile communications. Cellular coverage by 2030 intend to provide in 24 thousand villages, settlements, villages and villages, where from 100 to 500 people live.

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