June 5, 2023

The German company Henkel, which produces cleaning products, cosmetics, hygiene products, has completed a deal to sell its assets in Russia for 54 billion rubles. The transaction has already been completed. About this on Thursday, May 4, reported on the company’s website.

“At the moment, the transaction has been completed, the sale price is 54 billion rubles (about €600 million),” the statement said.

The consortium, which now owns Henkel’s Russian assets, includes Elbrus Services, Augment Investments and Kismet Capital Group. Director of the company Marco Svoboda said that Henkel AG included in one of the clauses of the agreement on the sale of the Russian business the possibility of repurchasing assets, transmits RIA News.

“Henkel Russia”, which operates in the country as an independent company called Lab Industries, has started Russify brands from his portfolio even before the completion of the transaction for the sale of Russian assets. Thus, brand products in the same design, but with names in Russian, began to appear on store shelves and marketplaces.

The Henkel concern announced the exit from business in Russia in the spring of 2022. At the end of December of the same year, the company launched the process of selling Russian assets. At the beginning of 2023, Henkel Russia began to operate as an independent company.

The Henkel group of companies is one of the largest European chemical concerns, which produces household and industrial chemicals, cosmetics, adhesives and construction products. Among the brands of the concern are Moment glue, Pemolux cleaning products, Persil, Losk, Vernel, Shamtu, Schwarzkopf, Syoss cosmetics, Ceresit, Metylan finishing products.

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