June 5, 2023
Flag of Germany
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This year, an additional €1 billion will be allocated from the federal budget of Germany for the expenses of the federal states, which are associated with the reception, accommodation and maintenance of refugees. About it writes “Radio 1” with reference to the corresponding statement of the head of the government of Germany Olaf Scholz (Olaf Scholz).

Earlier this year, Berlin already provided the authorities of the federal lands for the same purposes with an additional €2.5 billion. In total, the cost of refugees, including those who arrived in Germany from Ukraine, should be about €16 billion.

Representatives of the federal states wanted to achieve a return to the so-called dynamic financing system, which existed in Germany until 2021. Under this system, the current number of asylum seekers in a given land was taken into account automatically. The German government did not agree to accept this proposal.

The additional €1 billion allocated to the Länder will be used to digitalize the work of local departments for foreigners. The money will also be directed to the current needs of the communes.

At the same time, in early May, the German police announced that its structures were registering new wave refugees from the Middle East. It was reported that migrants were allegedly trying to enter the territory of the European Union through Russia and Belarus.

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