May 27, 2023
©Frank Hammerschmidt / dpa / Global Look Press

Germany’s dependence on Russian gas has slowed down the country’s transition to renewable energy. German Foreign Minister Annalena Burbock drew attention to this. She shared her view on the situation on Tuesday, May 2, at the opening of the international conference “Petersberg Climate Dialogue”.

Burbock reminded that Germany has committed itself to receive 80% of electricity from renewable sources by 2030, writes TASS. “However, here we do not have a universal recipe. We have been dependent on Russian gas for too long, and we should have abandoned coal earlier and built more wind and solar power plants,” the German Foreign Minister noted.

However, according to her, we must continue to strive to achieve the goals set by the Paris Agreement of 2015. It is important to drastically cut greenhouse gas emissions, Burbock concluded.

Early March in Germany admitted refusal from Russian gas “huge stress.” It was noted that it was very difficult to replace its supplies. At the same time, the German chancellor said that the country had become independent of the supply of gas, oil and coal from the Russian Federation. At the same time, at the end of 2022, Germany noted significant progress in the energy transition. By 2045, the country should become climate neutral and switch to green energy in full.

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