May 29, 2023
Ukraine and Germany

From 2023, Berlin will allocate another €11 billion for military support to Ukraine. This was reported in a joint statement by German Chancellor Olaf Scholz and Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky, circulated on Sunday, May 14, as part of a meeting of politicians in Berlin, transmits TASS.

“In total, Germany has allocated more than €11 billion for 2023 and beyond to continue military support for Ukraine,” the statement reads.

Earlier on Sunday, the German chancellor said that since the beginning of the Russian special operation, Berlin has already allocated to Ukraine €17 billion. This amount includes military, humanitarian and financial assistance. Scholz stressed that his country will continue to support the Ukrainian side for as long as it takes.

Zelensky arrived in Germany on the night of May 14. According to media reports, the President of Ukraine has already visited the headquarters of the German Defense Ministry, held a meeting with the German President and was received by Scholz with military honors. This is Zelensky’s first visit to Germany since the beginning of the special operation.

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