May 29, 2023
Tbilisi, Georgia
©Collage / Shutterstock/Fotodom

The Ministry of Defense of Georgia told where the €30 million allocated by the European Union will be directed. The money will be used to improve military engineering capabilities, command and control, cybersecurity and military medicine.

The Ministry of Defense also said that EU assistance to support the Georgian army in 2021-2023 is €62.75 million. The amount of assistance will be increased in subsequent years. The funds are provided within the framework of the European Peace Fund. About this on Friday, May 5, writes TASS.

the day before reportedthat the EU Council will support the defense sector of Moldova and Georgia. The first will receive €40 million, the second – €30 million. The head of EU diplomacy said the funds will help improve the operational efficiency of the two countries’ armed forces and accelerate their compliance with EU standards.

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