May 27, 2023

Hydrangeas are one of the favorite plants of gardeners. Although the flowers are easy to grow and care for, they can decorate a flower bed from July to October. For those who want to see hydrangeas bloom in midsummer, florist Sarah Raven advised avoiding multiple locations when planting.

“Grow hydrangeas in moist, fertile soil. Plant them in a cool, semi-shady part of the garden, avoiding an open area that faces east. Otherwise, cold winds can damage the young spring shoots,” the expert explained.

Although hydrangeas can be planted all year round, for lush blooms, it is best to plant them in autumn or spring, when the ground is moist and no longer cold, writes

How to plant hydrangeas

According to Raven, when planting flowers, you need to leave enough space for them to grow. It is best to plant hydrangeas at a distance of 60 cm to 4 m from each other, depending on the variety.

Climbing hydrangeas look good next to a wall or fence that they can cling to with their aerial roots. However, it is important that the flowers are not planted close to the wall – a distance of 60 cm from it is considered ideal. Otherwise, the plants will receive less moisture during rain.

Earlier, an expert from GetIntoGardening said, how to feed hydrangeashow to water them and when to plant them. According to her, the best time for planting is the end of April and the beginning of May.

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