May 27, 2023
spring weather
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In Moscow sharply warmer after a long period of cold. On Friday, May 12, the maximum air temperature since the beginning of spring was recorded in the capital, the city weather bureau said.

“By 15:00, the air at the main weather station at VDNH warmed up to plus 21.2 ° C. Today is the warmest day of spring,” the representative of the weather bureau said.

In an interview with Interfax, he clarified, then the previous maximum was observed on April 24 – then it was plus 21.1 ° C. And the temperature record for this day belongs to May 12, 1921, when the air warmed up to plus 28.6 ° C.

The weather bureau also added that in Moscow the first decade of May was 4°C colder than normal. According to weather forecasts, it will be even warmer in the capital on May 13 – up to plus 23°C.

Earlier, the Hydrometeorological Center gave a forecast for the coming summer. Meteorologists believe that in the European part of the country it will mostly warm. July will be the hottest month.

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