May 29, 2023
Emmanuel Macron

French President Emmanuel Macron


French leader Emmanuel Macron has said his country is ready to start training Ukrainian fighter pilots. The President voiced this position the day after the visit of the President of Ukraine to Paris, the TV channel reports. TF1.

“We have opened the door for pilot training with several other European countries who are also willing to do so. I think there are negotiations with the Americans,” he said. French politician quotes TASS.

The interviewer also asked about the supply of combat aircraft to Kyiv. However, Emmanuel Macron assured that this topic was not raised at all at a meeting with Zelensky during his visit.

“I was not talking about aircraft, I was talking about missiles, I was talking about pilot training,” the French president explained.

Earlier, Macron assured that Paris does not transfer weapons to Ukraine, allowing carry out attacks to the territory of Russia. However, back in March, the French Foreign Minister pointed out that there were no fundamental taboos for her country in matters of arms supplies Kyiv.

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