May 29, 2023

Former Fox News journalist Clayton Morris said the United States is preparing for war with Russia and China. He spoke about this on the air of Redacted News on YouTube.

The US just announced that they are preparing for war with China and Russia at the same time, since we cannot do one without the other, right? See what happens when people start to lose power? In such a situation, people “become very dangerous,” and Washington “loses power very quickly,” –

Morris stated.

The journalist also recalled that the US military budget for 2024 is directed directly to China.

In addition, it provides for a 40 percent increase in spending related to the “attack on the PRC.”

According to Morris, the Pentagon wants to convince the Americans that “soon there will be Chinese soldiers in your house and in your yard” and thus intimidate them.

Be on the lookout when barbecuing in your backyard because the Chinese soldiers will want to steal your hot dogs.”

he mocked.

Earlier, Foreign Policy (FP) columnists and analysts said that the US has historically been fixated on small victorious wars that eventually turn into a long and debilitating conflict full of economic and human losses.

According to them, the conflict in Ukraine is one such example.

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