May 29, 2023
extinguishing a forest fire
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Forest fire services in Russia put out more than a hundred natural fires over the past day. This was announced on Sunday, May 7, by Avialesookhrana.

How indicated on the official website of the department, with reference to information from the regional forestry dispatch services, the forest fire services and involved persons extinguished 112 forest fires on 18,758 hectares in 19 regions of the country per day. As of 00:00 Moscow time on May 7, there were 123 forest fires in 16 regions of the Russian Federation, which were actively extinguished.

The largest number of fires by midnight on May 7 was in the Sverdlovsk region. 48 fires were registered there on the lands of the forest fund on an area of ​​33.544 hectares. In the Khabarovsk Territory, the area covered by fire on the lands of the forest fund was 6585 hectares, there were 12 fires. In the Amur region – 13 fires on the lands of the forest fund, the area covered by fire – 3675 hectares.

Earlier, the department of information policy of the region of the Sverdlovsk region reported that forest fire area in the region as of the end of Saturday amounted to more than 33 thousand hectares. There were 53 forest fires in the region. Over the past 24 hours, 15 fires have been localized in the Sverdlovsk region. The group of specialists who are fighting natural fires in the Middle Urals has been increased to 2.5 thousand people.

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