June 5, 2023

Donald Trump arrested pending charges, CNN reports.

Trump arrived at the Manhattan District Attorney’s office, where he was taken into custody.

In accordance with American legal procedure, he will be under arrest until the moment he is taken to court to face charges.

The former president will not be handcuffed, CNN notes, but he will be fingerprinted.

A video of Trump’s arrest has surfaced online.

Trump published a post on his social network TruthSocial before his arrest.

Heading to the courthouse in Lower Manhattan. It seems so surreal – wow, they are going to arrest me. I can’t believe this is happening in America. MAGA! [Make America Great Again]”, —

he wrote.

The case against Trump involves paying $130,000 to porn star Stormy Daniels during the 2016 election campaign for keeping quiet about an affair with the married Trump in 2006. This case was told by the ex-lawyer of the former president, Michael Cohen.

The reason for the investigation was the fact that the Trump company in the documents designated this payment as funds for legal fees.

According to investigators, this is a deliberate forgery of financial records.

CNN also reported that Trump was going to be charged with more than 33 counts of business fraud.

The arrest and filing of charges against Trump is the first time a US president has been prosecuted in 150 years.

According to The New York Times, the last time a person who held the highest office in the state in the United States was arrested was in 1872. Then in Washington, the police arrested the current President Ulysses Grant for speeding.

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