May 28, 2023
©Avilov Alexander / Moskva Agency

The past Saturday, May 13, was marked in the Moscow region by “real July warmth.” At the main metropolitan weather station at VDNKh, thermometers showed +22.8°C.

This is the highest value since the beginning of 2023, reported on his Telegram channel on May 14, the leading specialist of the Phobos weather center Evgeny Tishkovets. According to him, even higher temperatures were recorded at other metropolitan weather stations. So, the thermometers of the Moscow State University weather station showed +23.0°С, Tushino – +23.5°С, Strogino – +23.7°С. In the center of Moscow on Balchug it was +23.7°C, which corresponds to the climatic indicators of the middle of summer.

In the Moscow region, the thermometers rose even higher. In Dolgoprudny and Nemchinovka on Saturday it was +24.1°C, a similar temperature was observed in Cherusty.

“According to statistics, on this day, nature includes July on average 1 time in 5 years,” the meteorologist noted. At the same time, the figures for 2023 are not record-breaking. The record for May 13 is held for 1883. Then in Moscow it was +28.6°С.

How report in the weather center “Phobos”, on May 14, the synoptic situation in most of the Moscow region will be determined by the Scandinavian anticyclone. Its northeasterly winds will bring May coolness. During the day it will be +17…19°С in the capital. In the Moscow region – + 15 … 20 ° С.

Earlier, the Hydrometeorological Center of the Russian Federation reported that no repetition of severe frosts, like early May. But frosts are still possible in May, and even at the beginning of summer.

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