May 29, 2023
very strange things

Frame from the series “Very strange things”

©Netflix/Monkey Massacre/21 Laps Entertainment

Filming for the final season of the sci-fi drama series Stranger Things has been postponed due to a Writers Guild of America strike, the Duffer Brothers announced on May 7.

“We hope a fair agreement is reached soon and we can all get back to work,” the Duffers tweeted.

Stranger Things premiered on Netflix in 2016. The creators have released four seasons and are preparing the fifth, final. In addition, it was reported about plans to shoot a spin-off of the series, writes RIA News.

The Screenwriters Guild of the USA includes more than 11.5 thousand authors who create content for Hollywood and American TV. In May, the screenwriters went on strike because they could not agree on better working conditions with the Film and Television Producers Alliance.

Prior to this, the writers were on strike in 2007, their action lasted almost 100 days. Losses from the downtime of the film business amounted to $ 2 billion.

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