Facebook code does not come? What to do if the Facebook login code does not appear

I know your Facebook login code is not coming. When you are requesting the code, you may get a message like “ We limit the number of times that you can request security code ”.

This is actually due to the code limit. So there is no reason to worry today I am going to share with you the solution to this problem and if you don’t get a Facebook login code you will get everything you need to do in this post.

Today I am going to share with you 5 solutions for the Facebook login approval code and code limit problem, one of them will be useful for you.

First solution: If Facebook ID is logged in somewhere, how to log in without code

If your Facebook ID is logged in somewhere, then you can easily bypass two-factor authentication. Be it your messenger, another mobile, friend’s mobile.

And besides, many times it is seen that we log in with Facebook ID in apps like Vidmate, and Videoder to download Facebook videos. In that case, you can turn off the two-step verification by going to Facebook settings from there. Only then you can log in without any code.

How to turn off the two-step verification of Facebook ID?

I am showing you how to turn off Facebook Lite, you can turn it off from any app, browser or messenger app in the same way. You just follow the screenshots shown by me.

Second solution:  How to fix the code limit on Facebook

When our code doesn’t arrive for two factors or any other reason then our code limit for repeated attempts is reached. In that case, to solve this code limit problem, you have to fill out a form and wait for a minimum of 24 hours for this code limit to be fixed.

How to fill out the form for code limit

Then, you will get a form like an image below.

⪧ Here you have to first give your SIM company name to the Mobile carrier

⪧ Then in the phone number option, you have to enter the number that you used to turn on your Two Factor or the number that does not receive the code.

⪧ Then write the name of your country in the Country

⪧ Select “you have reached your code limit” in the error message

⪧ In Additional info, you have to give any of the following text.

⪧ If you have a two-factor authentication problem then copy and paste the following text: I can’t log in to my Facebook account because of not getting my logging approval code. Please send me the login approval code

⪧ If there is a problem with not receiving the code even after resetting your password, then copy and paste this text:

When I am trying to reset my password there is no code coming in my mobile no. So, please send me the code.

In fact, this is not a solution, if you do not understand any of the above solutions or cannot apply them properly, you can contact us on social media. We will try to help you.