May 29, 2023
Fine hair care

Not everyone can boast of lush hair. For some, they are thin and sparse. Also, hair can become thinner and thinner due to a number of factors. In any case, the main thing is not to emphasize it further. Hairstylist Ona Diaz-Santin and hair expert Ghanima Abdullah warned of two common mistakes many women make. As a result, from the side it becomes even more noticeable that the hair is sparse and thin.

Parting in the middle

According to Diaz-Santin, it only emphasizes the thinning of the hair or the fact that it is sparse. And for those who make such a parting, Abdullah advises to pay attention to how it looks. If the parting becomes more noticeable, this may be a signal that the hair has begun to thin or fall out more actively.

For owners of thin and sparse hair, experts recommend experimenting with side parting, writes SheFinds. Layered haircuts are also good. “This will help make your hair look thicker, fuller and more voluminous,” notes Diaz-Santin.

Using products for thick and heavy hair

Such hair care and styling products are categorically not suitable for thin hair, as they make the strands heavier. As a result, the hairstyle loses volume, it seems that there is even less hair on the head. To avoid this, Diaz-Santin recommends using only light styling products. It is important that they are not too dense in texture, do not give a greasy or smoothing effect when applied. So thin hair will look more voluminous and thick, and the hairstyle will look more magnificent.

Previously, hairdressers told what hairstyles suitable for thin hair and do not require special care. Experts advise to pay attention to three haircuts.

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