May 29, 2023

Former head of the state corporation “Roscosmos” Dmitry Rogozin announced the need to start a second wave of mobilization in Russia. The former official and acting head of the group of military advisers and the scientific and technical center “Tsarskie Volki” explained this need by some problems “with the personnel.” The corresponding statement Rogozin did on the air of the radio station “Moscow speaking”.

“We must keep in mind that the enemy is stronger than us. We cannot act here in such a way that every man is for himself. Therefore, mobilization is needed. Not only one should have passed in early autumn, another one had to pass. We have problems with the personnel, because the guys are wounded, our fighters are killed. Even when the front is standing, shelling is going on, ”Rogozin is quoted on the radio station’s portal.

However, the former head of Roskosmos also said that, in his opinion, it is quite possible to avoid a second wave of mobilization. To do this, Rogozin believes, it is necessary to use a “colossal reserve” of volunteers.

“I just have something to do with this volunteer army. Our detachments are part of the corresponding regiments, divisions of the Russian army. But we really needed to be gathered within the framework of a single volunteer Russian army. And give us the section of the front that the command considers. People, who voluntarily go to the front, these are officers, these are servicemen who served in the Russian army,” said Dmitry Rogozin.

At the same time, on April 18, the official representative of the Kremlin reported that there were no discussions of the second wave of mobilization.

In addition, on March 31, the head of the Main Organizational and Mobilization Directorate of the General Staff of the RF Armed Forces also indicated that this structure does not plan to conduct a second wave of partial mobilization, since in order to complete tasks not enough volunteers and previously drafted Russians.

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