May 27, 2023
EU diplomat Josep Borrell

EU diplomat Josep Borrell


EU High Representative for Foreign Policy Josep Borrell said on Thursday, May 11, that the European Union (EU) has delivered more than 1,000 missiles to the Ukrainian side since February. They were sent as part of a program to supply Ukraine with ammunition.

“We have provided it with more than 1,000 missiles since February 9, when we began to implement our plan for the supply of ammunition,” the head of European diplomacy said. He did not specify what types of missiles he was talking about. His words leads Interfax.

At the same time, Borrell believes that this number of missiles is still not enough. He pointed to the words of Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky, who said he was going to postpone the counteroffensive. According to the head of EU diplomacy, Kyiv needs more weapons and “opportunities”. “And we have to provide them,” Borrell said.

At the beginning of May, the EU Council approved allocation money within the framework of the European Peace Fund for the purchase of 155 mm artillery shells and rockets for Ukraine. They will be jointly purchased by EU member states from the European defense industry.

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