May 29, 2023

As explained in the department, compliance with the rules will help to obtain from hunting positive emotions instead of fines and seizure of guns with ammunition

Photo: Directorate of the National Guard for the Nenets Autonomous Okrug

Proper preparation will help you avoid getting into trouble with the law. First of all, you should take your identity documents with you. For example, a passport, service ID or military ID. The hunter is also required to have a permit to store and carry weapons, a hunting license, a permit to extract hunting resources and a ticket, – said Deputy Head of the National Guard Directorate for the Nenets Autonomous Okrug – Head of the Center for Licensing and Permitting, Police Lieutenant Colonel Sergey Nikiforov.

The law prohibits the carrying of weapons by a person who is in a state of intoxication. Therefore, the hunter is required to undergo a sobriety test at the request of an official of the National Guard troops or the Russian Ministry of Internal Affairs. Refusal to undergo a medical examination is equated to drunken carrying of weapons and entails the imposition of an administrative fine in the amount of up to 5,000 rubles with confiscation of weapons and cartridges for them, deprivation of the right to purchase, store and carry weapons for up to two years.

– It is worth noting that the law equates to hunting the presence of individuals in hunting grounds with weapons and other hunting tools, hunting dogs, birds of prey and hunting products. For example, with carcasses, skins or meat. For violation of the established hunting rules, administrative and criminal liability is provided. Under the ban, the extraction of hunting resources in violation of the established deadlines, as well as with the use of weapons closer than 200 meters from a residential building or residential building, shooting at noise or rustle, at an unclearly visible target and feathered game sitting on wires and power lines, – added the lieutenant colonel Police Nikiforov.

Punishment for shooting from a hunting or other weapon in an undesignated place includes an administrative fine of up to 100 thousand rubles with confiscation of weapons and ammunition, as well as deprivation of the right to purchase, store and carry weapons for up to three years. In addition to the weapon of the offense, all weapons registered with the National Guard troops and ammunition are confiscated from the negligent owner.

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