May 29, 2023
American entrepreneur Elon Musk

American entrepreneur Elon Musk

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American entrepreneur Elon Musk announced his readiness to leave the post of CEO of the social network Twitter. According to him, a new CEO has already been found, this is a woman, she will start work in six weeks. About it informs CNBC.

Musk indicated that he would move “to the position of executive chairman and chief technology officer and will be “overseeing the product and software.”

Tesla shares rose more than 2% after Musk’s announcement. Key investors of this corporation were concerned that the entrepreneur was devoting an excessive amount of time to the social network. Opinions have been raised that he should refocus on running an electric vehicle company, where he is also the CEO.

Elon Musk completed the $44 billion acquisition of Twitter in October 2022. He immediately began to reorganize. Hundreds of employees were fired, many previously blocked users were able to return to the platform. Also announced the launch of a new social network for this video call features.

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